Dairy Processing and Marketing

Focusing on local ownership and emphasizing market-based solutions, Direne works with local partners to develop the necessary infrastructure and market-based services to develop an inclusive and commercially viable dairy sector that will increase actors’ profits.

We work with processors to improve their efficiency and grow their supply chain, connect commercial markets with farmers, increase production, improve the quality and availability of input supplies and services, and accelerate investments. At the same time we work with governments and stakeholders to create an enabling environment and a value chain governance that will realize sustainable and scalable results.

DIRENE’s dairy value chain approach consists of the following elements:

  • Market systems development: We analyze local challenges and identify opportunities to grow the value chain. We support producers, suppliers, processors and authorities to jointly prioritize bottlenecks in the value chain, agree on interventions and allocate investments.
  • Public Private Partnerships: DIRENE works in public-private partnerships to address bottlenecks and develop best practices. These partnerships are also vehicles for change by scaling-up innovative solutions and improving value chain governance;
  • Inclusive Business: we work with several value chain partners. We stimulate processors to jointly invest in order to overcome constraints in the dairy sector. We transform producer groups to become more entrepreneurial and ensure that they are included in value chain development;
  • Financing: access to finance is crucial to leverage increased production and efficiency, resulting in accelerated sector growth. DIRENE links producers, producer organizations, service providers and processors, to banks and other financial institutions